Cancer Treatment Strategies:We Will Need To Rethink How Fight Cancer?

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Cancer Treatment

Because the beginning of chemotherapy at the late 1940s and the evolution of additional chemotherapy drugs throughout the 1950s and 1960s, (Cancer Treatment) traditional medicine’s primary standard of care was chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and operation.

Progress with standard-of-care therapies is significant if fighting certain cancers, such as testicular, Hodgkins, thyroid, prostate cancers, and several lymphoma and leukemia.

But, we have made incremental progress when facing solid tumors, which comprise most cancer mortalities. By contrast, (Cancer Treatment) substantial progress was made in the previous 60 years from the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease was the number 1 killer at the U.S… Nonetheless, cancer is about to become the leading killer in the next few decades.Cancer Treatment

I am not claiming that standard-of-care treatment can’t be useful, but these conventional protocols have not made fantastic progress with time. (Cancer Treatment) Enough time has arrived at us to rethink how we could enhance our treatments and also whether we will include other therapeutic strategies, including non-steroidal integrative and other therapies.


It is doubtful whether chemotherapy provides some reasonable, purposeful advantage in late-stage cancer patients, outside palliative relief. (Cancer Treatment) A large meta-study analyzed cancer registry data in Australia and the U.S., and concluded that chemotherapy” only makes a modest contribution to cancer survival.”

Additionally, it asserted, “To justify the continuing funding and accessibility of drugs utilized in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of their cost-effectiveness and effect on wellbeing is desperately required.” Hence, the effect of the harsh side effects, (Cancer Treatment) which can engender critical health issues, including deaths, must be evaluated carefully and in contrast to the advantages.

In my analysis of diversified cancer treatment protocols, I’ve concluded that other non-standard-of-care treatments might have a profound impact on longevity and the survival of cancer patients.

I’ve personally met hundreds of individuals that have been told by mainstream cancer doctors,  (Cancer Treatment)”It’s time to have your affairs in order,” or” We could arrange hospice,” or words to that effect, who are surviving and thriving many years after their physicians contended they only had a brief time.

Based on conventional medicine, these individuals had tried all proven, traditional therapies and, purportedly, there weren’t any effective curative choices. Of course, this assumption was based on the fundamentals of conventional medicine, maybe not the viewpoint of sophisticated integrative or alternative practitioners.

As a consequence of the interviews and research with multiple cancer patients and cancer specialists from the development and writing of Hope (Cancer Treatment) Never Dies, I discovered the presence of ardently persuasive, and non-standard-of-care medical choices.

When these therapies are directed and delivered by sophisticated anti-inflammatory and complementary experts, they can have a profound transformational impact and alter the path of cancer. These treatments are based on mathematics, not voodoo, (Cancer Treatment) notwithstanding that they do not fit neatly to standard-of-care methodologies.

There are no guarantees in life. But these options have spared the lives of many men and women who were awarded only a couple months to live, and many are booming now. They comprise:

Personalized, nutritional oncological strategies

Psycho-behavioral and Mind Body approaches

Exercise regimens

Evidence-based supplementation plans

Whenever these strategies are delivered at a well-conceived, multi-faceted, systematic, thorough manner, the results can be shocking. And, once the remedies are customized –maybe not as standard, (Cancer Treatment) but based on target testing standards, such as bloodwork and tissue samples –that the therapy becomes tremendously focused.

The personalized system is a curative imperative since genetic cancer mutations may alter within the same person and, in actuality, the very same tumor!

Besides, some novel ways to chemotherapy are shown to be more effective compared to the current paradigm. More personalized chemosensitivity evaluations, (Cancer Treatment) based on the individual’s particular tissue sample, is that the epitome of personalized medicine, not generic medication selection.

Dr. Robert Nagourney’s laboratory and oncological work within this kingdom were recently validated by scientists and physicians affiliated with Harvard University Medical School.

Another method is a metronomic supply of chemotherapy medication –causing substantially lower doses over an extended time frame — which is less toxic to this individual.

Various evidence-based methodologies also exist to mitigate the harsh effects of chemotherapy, including fasting plans, acupuncture, (Cancer Treatment) appropriate targeted supplementation and different complementary therapies that help protect the individual’s normal healthy cells and manage other damaging chemotherapeutic unwanted results.

Highly credentialed naturopathic physicians and other pros have experienced exemplary clinical consequences to their patients using those remedies.

When the complementary approaches were created by specialists to encourage the human body’s immune system, produce the body spores to cancer, and (Cancer Treatment) weaken the disease and alter cancer’s Bio-Chemical surroundings, and they can be profoundly transformational and help patients take control in their health –and also overcome cancer.

One of the notable stories in Hope Never Dies of late-stage cancer patients that beat the odds stems from Cheryl Clark, who conquered the deadliest type of brain cancer.

Cheryl’s Diagnosis

In 1997, Cheryl had been told she’d a Glioblastoma Multiforme, Grade 4 diagnosis, (Cancer Treatment) and had been awarded 6 to 9 weeks to call home. It was, and is, the form of brain cancer. She was told by an oncologist in California to receive her affairs in order.

Treatment Choices

From the time of her diagnosis, Cheryl employed a multi-faceted therapeutic approach with all the guidance and assistance of Jeanne Wallace, Ph.D., a globally renowned expert in nutritional oncology.

Cheryl also implemented MindBody approaches, doing visualizations and affirmations, and (Cancer Treatment) read dozens of survivor stories. All these practices were crucial in helping her maintain a positive, fighting attitude throughout this daunting struggle.

Her doctor informed her she can decide to take to chemotherapy, but it would just offer a palliative and short-term benefit, in best. Cheryl refrained from followed Dr. Wallace’s expert guidance, produced from peer-reviewed studies showing evidence-based supplementation and nutritional plans.

Cheryl was additionally offered radiation therapy, that was likewise regarded as a palliative, and she decided to undergo these treatments. But she waited for six months before commencing radiation therapy so she could strengthen her own body using Dr. Wallace’s nutritional and (Cancer Treatment) supplementation protocol –regardless of the fact she was assumed to be dead within six weeks to 9 months.

The free, multi-faceted approaches were selected, yet, for Cheryl and designed to create specific results.

The goals and objectives of these approaches were to inhibit angiogenesis, slow tumor growth, fortify the immune system, slow or eradicate out of control inflammation, enhance cell distinction, promote apoptosis, protect healthy brain tissue from radiation, (Cancer Treatment) enhance oxygen precious blood into Cheryl’s tissues and system, promote a favorable attitude and contribute about other transformative advantages.

Flash Forward

Today, 21 years later, Cheryl appreciates life –riding her bike, kayaking down rivers, photographing nature and working on her golf game. She recommends, “Don’t give up hope. (Cancer Treatment)Do not let your doctor fool you into believing you don’t have any time. You’re not a statistic.”Cancer Treatment

Many more remarkable stories of individuals –and thrivers –of both late stage, as well as terminal cancer prognoses, are creating a solid case for”rethinking” how to embark upon this daunting challenge. (Cancer Treatment) They have been currently demonstrating the effectiveness of finding specialists and remedies.

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“Don’t give up hope. (Cancer Treatment)Do not let your doctor fool you into believing you don’t have any time. You’re not a statistic.”

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